Intertrust Group in Dublin
Intertrust Group in Dublin

Temporary Relationship Manager - Corporate

Dublin | Legal
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Relationship Management with Clients

  • Maintain and grow excellent relations with existing clients. This should result in longstanding and profitable relationships with clients and intermediaries and no client outflow.
  • Call and or meet all clients/intermediaries on a regular basis
  • Contact with client's advisors, accountants and third parties (bank, tax administration, etc.)

Act as Director/Manager on Board of Client Companies

  • The Relationship Manager will, under supervision of the Corporate Team Lead, act as Director on the Board of client companies under his/her management.

Business Development

  • Initiates improvement proposals focused on creating new business (e.g. new sales channels, new potential clients, new products/services etc.) in Ireland and, after approval of the Corporate Team Lead and Managing Director, implement and execute these proposals, taking into account tax guidelines and legislation and in line with internal guidelines and procedures, in order to contribute to optimising sales and market share.

  • Gives input and advice with regard to the development of the Business Development plan, in line with internal procedures and guidelines and taking into account tax-guidelines and legislation, in order to contribute to giving guidance to the objectives and activities of the organization.

  • Keeps up with movements of competitors, developments and trends as well as client demands in the Irish market, taking into account the current product/service portfolio and (commercial) interests of Intertrust, in order to gain optimal insights in (developments in) the market and identify business development opportunities.

  • Executes sales conversation with new as well as existing clients/intermediaries within the strategic target group and negotiates on and acquires contracts with these parties, in line with the business development plan, in order to maintain and increase market share and realize the sales objectives.

Client contacts

  • Initiates, builds and maintains relationships with intermediaries and other relevant (market) parties, taking into account the (commercial) interests of Intertrust, in order to generate leads and prospects as well as to realize a strong positioning of Intertrust in the market
  • Supports intermediaries in finding optimal trust structures for clients as well as sets up and adapts offers for clients, in cooperation with the Legal, Tax and Compliance Officers and in line with tax-ruling and legislation, in order to realize optimal customized trust structures as well as ensure that prospects become clients.


  • Ensures the timely transfer and availability of market and specific client knowledge to other Business Developers, Relationship Managers and / or Client Services Teams, in line with internal guidelines and procedures, in order to support them in executing their (commercial) activities as well as to increase their professional knowledge level.
  • Identifies opportunities for cross-selling and coordinates this within the teams, in line with Business Development guidelines, in order to contribute to the increase in revenue and to more integrated servicing and broader positioning of Intertrust.
  • Ensures, in cooperation with the Corporate Team Lead, allocation of the acquired assignments to appropriate Relationship Managers and / or Client Services Team and monitors the initial follow-up after the transfer, in line with internal procedures and guidelines, in order to ensure optimal client services and satisfaction levels as well as to realise strong long-term client relationships.
  • Works together with other Intertrust offices worldwide on cross-border marketing and client event initiatives.

Management information and reporting

  • Provides information to and reports to the Corporate Team Lead, in line with internal (reporting) guidelines and procedures, in order to provide complete and trustworthy insights into business development progress as well as to enable the Managing Director to make well-considered (fact-based) commercial decisions.


  • Taking care of KYC issues, compliance regulations, ensuring clients meet client acceptance procedures.
  • Carry out periodic compliance file reviews in respect of the client companies according to their AML risk rating
  • Ensure the compliance file is maintained and updated regularly.

Required knowledge and experience

  • Knowledge of compliance
  • ThUniversity degree in Tax, Law or Business Studies
  • Strong knowledge of/work experience in Company law
  • Internationally oriented business experience in relevant sector
  • Commercially driven, to work in fast paced and dynamic environment
  • Self-motivated, can work well both independently and in a team
  • Preferably brings in an own local network
  • Fluency in English
  • Willingness to travel

More information?

For questions about this vacancy or more information about careers at Intertrust Group, please contact:

Claire Brady