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Farida Azarioh

 - Intertrust Group

Senior Company Lawyer in Amsterdam

"I collaborate with colleagues and clients towards a single goal; making our clients even more successful"

From lawyer to company lawyer at Intertrust

My career at Intertrust began in September 2013, when I joined the Southern European & Latin America (SELA) team as a Legal Assistant. Prior to that, I had worked in a legal position where I was primarily involved in resolving conflicts, a role I did not particularly enjoy. However, when I joined the SELA team I immediately felt at home in this team. The colleagues, the clients and the different cultures made me feel at ease. I was soon allowed to start working on the junior company lawyer programme and after one year I was promoted to company lawyer. This is when the real work began for me! I was given my own client portfolio, a great deal of responsibility and increasingly more challenges. I joined the Junior Commercial Team and before I knew it I was on a plane headed for Milan for my very first business trip!

Looking back, my career at Intertrust advanced quite quickly. I was given, and seized, ample opportunities to develop myself. In the meantime three years have gone by and I still feel that I’m at the right place at Intertrust.

What is unique about working at Intertrust for me?

Because of the great relationship with my colleagues, I enjoy going to work every day. Furthermore, my clients confirm each day that I provide added value to them. These are clients that I also meet during board meetings and that I personally get to know during lunch or dinner meetings. These meetings add a certain dynamic to my daily activities.

Another pleasant aspect of my work is that I collaborate with colleagues and clients towards a single goal; making our clients even more successful. We are all pulling in the same direction! I truly develop good personal relationships with my clients. For example, my portfolio includes clients that have been with us for more than 20 years. No two days are the same at Intertrust and I acquire new experiences all the time. I enjoy developing myself across the full breadth of the profession, as well as developing myself on a personal level. Intertrust provides a work environment where this is all possible.

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