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Estella Muilwijk-Vet

 - Intertrust Group

Compliance Officer in Amsterdam

"At Intertrust we deal every day with new challenges."

Background information

In 1997, I joined the Rotterdam office of Intertrust as a Financial Account Manager. Prior to this role I had already worked on the payroll of one of Intertrust’s major clients for over 2 years. Through the years I’ve had a steady and interesting career path with many new opportunities and challenges along the way. Before joining the Compliance department in 2007, I was the Financial Manager of one of the business teams. The many years of experience and my extensive knowledge of the business resulted in a solid ‘know-how’ base that serves as a valuable and necessary asset for carrying out my current position at compliance.

What I do

The Compliance department is an independent department within Intertrust and advises the business on client acceptance and continuation of service providing. Compliance is the first gate which has to be passed before service providing can start for a (new) client. We aim to stimulate and monitor the observation of relevant laws, regulations and internal rules. The related risks, in particular with regard to money laundering and financing of terrorism, are further managed by conducting regular reviews.
My duties and responsibilities include among others:

  • prepare and monitor the annual review budget;
  • evaluate the compliance files reviewed;
  • evaluate prospect and client acceptance files and advise to management on acceptance;
  • reporting to the business on the status of miscellaneous compliance issues;
  • assisting/training colleagues in view of compliance issues and questions.

Further, I enjoy participating in project teams as representative of compliance regularly.

A typical workday

I start out with reading my emails. Next, I examine the outcomes of the standard security checks that are performed overnight through our IT-application that automatically screens all our clients against a worldwide database with all sanctions lists on (new) hits. Then I will proceed with the evaluation of new prospect, client acceptance or review files. When these files comply I will sign off and, in case of client acceptance, forward the files to management for final acceptance. If the files do not comply I give feedback to the teams with regard to the outstanding actions and advise upon solutions. During the day colleagues will regularly walk in and ask assistance with their compliance issues. In addition, ad hoc urgent requests for client acceptance might come up which requires immediate action from my part as well. This all together brings sometimes that the goals that I had predefined for that particular day are not precisely met. But for me the dynamic working environment is also the charm of working at Intertrust.

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